After Service

Memory Warranty Service: Enjoy a three-year renewal and Lifetime Warranty Service
This product has a lifetime warranty from the date of purchase. If the product is abnormal and the product is not working properly and the appearance is not damaged within three years, the company will replace it for free. 
To determine whether the product is replaced or repaired (serious damage), the company reserves the right to replace the product. 
If it is not working properly after three years, it will be repaired free of charge (customer must pay for replacement parts)

Warranty service target
Warranty service is limited to consumers who purchase genuine original products from the company through legal sales channels.

Warranty terms are not applicable
Due to natural disasters, artificial or improper operation, etc., the product fails to work or is lost or damaged by the barcode sticker and warranty sticker which are not repaired or disassembled by the authorized maintenance personnel of the company

Paid warranty scope: 
1).particle damage or loss 
2).PCB board is broken and damaged and needs to be replaced. 
3).product is over warranty period
please consult your local service provider for charging standard.

RAM manual and FAQ file download:/Public/editor/attached/file/20181015/20181015120513_23222.doc

SSD installation and FAQ file download/Public/editor/attached/file/20181015/20181015120544_15702.doc